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   Welcome to Shwapno Duar It Ltd.

Welcome to Shwapno Duar It Ltd. Shwapno Duar IT Ltd (SDIL) is the online Based IT Company. We are providing any kind of data entry service and we also provides IT training, outsourcing, e-commerce, E-trade, E-Marketing, E-Payments solution and consult services internationally. Our agreement instructor delivers excellence computer training in most todayís' technology. We have admission to hundreds of IT trainers and consultant ready to help you wITh your next project or computer training appointment. Our relationship wITh several Computer Training Centers, IT schools, Technology followers, and corporation have established to be advantageous to all our customers, since they have urgent access to the most capable and confirmed central processing unIT instructor and consultant in today's manufacturing. SDIL provide training services to training organization, college, universITy and many computer equipment companies. SDIL provides ITs followers both seller skilled instructors as well as highly developed degreed instructor who have valid world knowledge.


   Our services

Complete IT Service & solution.

SDIL is a Bangladesh base company giving in a open range of Data Entry Services. We are faIThful to deliver timely, perfect, textbook, unfailing, price doing well and comfortable offshore outsourcing services to our customers. Our brilliant teams have been using the most modern technology to offer you wITh astonishing services at very competITive prices. We study every development supplies wITh interest and put-in their best efforts to produce timely delivery in accurate form whether the project is large scale or small scale.

We offer our clients a wide collection of offshore outsourcing services as well as: Data entry, Online data entry, Data capture from internet, Data handing out, Word dispensation, Adobe acrobat PDF conversion, OCR and Document scanning, SEO, SEM,Web Development, Afflict marketing, Design & Management, Software selling & Programming, Copy-past, Image processing, Online form processing, E-book publishing, E-marketing, E-commerce-Trade,CPA,craigslist , register dispensation and all business development outsourcing services. Our team works hard to meet or go above client's opportunITy. Our Members increase over in Dhaka, ChITtagong, Rajshahi, Jessore, Rangpur, Sayedpur, Dinajpur and other 45 Districts. Contact here.



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